Wednesday, 18 May 2011

An excuse to brush up on my Italian

I got a very nice surprise when I collected the post this morning... a package from Italy, with a copy of Fotografia Reflex inside. In Arles last year, at the Voies Off portfolio reviews, I met Claudio Marcozzi, who really liked my Brixton People project, and said he'd like to include it in this magazine. And, almost a year later... here is his feature! 8 pages, 14 images, and (from what I can understand) a very comprehensive text outlining the history of Brixton, describing the market, and a complimentary view of my photographs. So thank you Claudio!

The magazine is kind of the Italian equivalent of Practical Photographer, with reviews of cameras and software, and a showcase of different genres of photography including nature and the like. There is also an article on the Polaroid collection... so it's a mixture of all sorts, and i suspect it's targeted at the keen amateur. But I'm pleased to be included; my name is even on the front cover!

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