Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Hulaboogie Christmas

Just before Christmas, I was invited to photograph Big Boy Bloater's final gig, which was held at the award winning Hulaboogie at South London Pacific. An amazing evening, if a little sad...

More images can be seen here. And I'm back there next month to celebrate the 7th anniversary of Hulaboogie, with an exclusive show from Ray Collins Hot Club with Mike Sanchez. Watch this space for pics.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Brixton People

I have an exciting new project coming up; I have been awarded the opportunity to create a pop-up studio in the heart of Brixton Village, courtesy of SpaceMakers Agency, and in collaboration with Lambeth Council. From 25 – 31 January, I will become a resident photographer at Unit 45 of the Brixton Village arcade. During this residency, I intend to create a body of photographs which encapsulates the population of Brixton, challenging the genre of street photography with the use of a pop-up studio.

Passers by will be invited into the makeshift photographic studio to have their portrait taken. The backdrop and lighting set up will remain consistent, to ensure that the focus of the portrait is on the sitter’s facial expression, their clothes, the way they stand and what they are carrying. Inspired by projects such as Exactitudes by Ari Versluis and Ellie Uyttenbroek, as well as the Brixton Street Studio by Alison Locke and Chris Anderson, the resulting photographs are a study of the inhabitants of Brixton; a series of portraits of people from diverse cultures and walks of life, united by where they live.

The shoots will take place in the afternoon; in the mornings, I will work on the images I have taken the day before, and print them in house. The prints will be pinned to the walls, so as the week progresses, an exhibition will build up. Sitters will be invited back to see their photograph, while new participants will be encouraged to pose for my camera. It is important for me that I involve the community, by encouraging them to participate in creating their own photographs.

Participants will be offered a free print in return for their time, and the whole series will be put on a website so that the exhibition can continue long after the residency ends. The body of work will encapsulate the demographic of Brixton in 2010, and be a record of this vibrant and diverse community.

Come down and see me if you're in the area!
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