Monday, 12 January 2009

Printing 60 Year Old Negs

When clearing out the house of their late mother almost 2 years ago, my half brothers' found some old 6x6 black and white negatives, still in their Kodak envelope. They gave them to me to contact, and we discovered they belonged to Dad; a record of his time as a Doctor in Malaya (as it was known then), just after the war. Dad was born in 1927 (he is still fighting fit!), and was excused military service during World War II as he was studying medicine at Guys in London. Instead, he was stationed in Malaya shortly after the war had finished. These negs have been in my possession now for 2 years, and I have only just got round to printing them. They have been well kept, but have the scratches and marks which one would expect after over 60 years. Even so, they printed remarkably well. Here is a selection - Dad is the tall skinny character. There are plenty more where they came from so watch this space!

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