Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sun sculptures

It seems apt that I should write this in what seems to be the first weekend of Spring! Tom Lovelace's new work is exactly what it says on the tin; sculptures created by the sun. Such a simple idea, and stripping photography back to its basic principle.

These are found objects; old noticeboards which have been faded by the sun. The bare principle of a photogram, naturally conceived; the darker patches indicate where the notices have been placed, and the baize around them has faded over time. I love the simplicity of these, there's a real sense of layering and of the passing of time. They are aesthetically beautiful, too, the orginial fabric a deep green colour which fades in varying hues. They are exhibited in floating dark wooden box frames, which complement the colour and make them feel precious somehow.

This is a bit of a departure for Tom, whose work up until now has been highly constructed images of machines which he has built himself. They are being exhibited as part of Free Frame, a group exhibition which is well worth seeing at SON Gallery in Peckham, until 31 March.
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