Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Teddy Boys

I've really got back into the swing of shooting this weekend... here are some portraits I took of some Teddy Boys at a dance event I was at over the Jubilee. Not sure about the vignetting... thoughts appreciated.


  1. I'm not sure either. It makes for a distinctive visual signature, looks good in thumbnails and together with the hard flash gives some sense of being at the edges of a party. I find it hard to clearly imagine the pictures without the vignette and so can't really evaluate what it would look like without. My instinct would be towards preferring them without it, but I think a lot depends on whether you want to continue the series and have a particular intention in mind in using it?

    1. Thanks Eileen... the thing is, I sort of messed up with my flash and had it too zoomed in, which meant there was a natural vignette anyway. So I accentuated it. I like the way they look like they're in a spot light, like they're going on stage... but not sure whether I'm gonna continue the series really. Was just a fun shoot with some fun guys!
      Thanks for the feedback, though, much appreciated. x


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