Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Last Chance to see...

Friday sees the last day of AMPS/10, the Annual Members Show at Photofusion in Brixton. I'm sad to see it come down... over the last few months I have nurtured and created this, from selecting the work and working with the photographers to produce the work, to curating and hanging the work. It has been a very successful exhibition, and I'm really pleased to have been working closely with Miranda Gavin from Hotshoe. She judged the inaugural Hotshoe/Photofusion award (which went to Odette England for her project As Above, So Below) and she ran an event with our members about furthering their career in this world of photography.

Throughout the exhibition we have encouraged the public to vote for their favourite photographer; and last night I announced the winner: Vikram Kushwah. I am not surprised he captured the public's imagination... his images are reminiscent of fairytales and the world of Alice in Wonderland, and successfully combine the genres of fashion and fine art photography. Definately one to watch...


  1. Hi Carole, just to say the PhotoFusion link in the text doesn't work as it has your blog address glued to the front ! I went to the site 'manually', and it's a good job I don't live in Brixton else I'd try and wear out the darkroom... :)

  2. Thanks Martin! All fixed now.. if only you could come and wear out our darkroom.. users have declined over the years, and it's such a shame. We are hanging on in there though!

  3. What an awesome photo, Vikram is a genius.

  4. Wow never heard of Photo Fusion before, looks really good and might have to use it sometime!


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