Saturday, 2 October 2010

A world of fairytales

Troika Editions is an online print sales gallery. They have a great selection of photographers, whose work they sell at very reasonable prices. And they have recently opened up a small gallery in Clerkenwell; their next exhibition begins this week, featuring three winners of the Troika Editions/FORMAT Exposure award: Kurt Tong, Katrin Koenning and Schinster.

Each month, they invite a "distinguished expert" to choose one of their artists and a write about them. Diane Smyth from the BJP, Jon Levy from Foto8, Debra Klomp Ching from the Klompching gallery in New York have all contributed. So I felt incredibly honoured to be asked to write something for their October slot, which you can read here.

I chose to write about Jan Dunning, who constructs her images by building sets, which she then photographs using a pinhole camera. I was immediately seduced by the soft aesthetic of her images, and the sense of narrative they portray. Looking at them evokes fairytales, nightmares, and unnatural forces... it's all really good stuff. Check out her website and hear her talk about the process of making the images on the Troika website.


  1. Oh, what an interesting and unusual(for me anyway) way of photography. For some time I have had a vague plan to make 10x8 C41 pinholes and contact print them - your showing what people are doing with pinholes might push that project forward. Thank you Carole, and very well done for your article !

    Regarding the Chernobyl comment in your linked article, maybe this might be interesting...

  2. Thanks for sharing this post. Reading your take on the image reminds me of surreal dreams!


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