Friday, 30 July 2010

Les Voies Off

As with any good festival, there is also a Fringe Festival in Arles. This is entitled Voies Off, and holds many smaller exhibitions and events in the old town which are free. Many of the shows which are curated in “dead” spaces (disused shops, garages, etc) form part of the Fringe, as do the shows in caf├ęs and bars. The Thursday night of the first week is Nuit de la Roquette; a night of projections, talks, private views and events surrounding Rue de la Roquette, and all part of the Fringe festival.

I think the best thing about this part of the festival for me was the projections. Often curated to a theme (such as work, or desire) each projection shows the work of perhaps 10 photographers, accompanied to music (which is often live). It is a chance for emerging photographers to be involved and seen, and there was some very good work. (I had written down some names but they were in my notebook which was in my bag which got stolen last weekend – bummer)

The other inspiring thing about this festival was the use of space (and I know I keep banging on about this!) Check this out – a woman put a ladder outside her window with a sign inviting us to go up and peer in. Inside, there she was doing her washing up, with a great big photo over her sink. (I’m sure the washing up wasn’t part of any so called “performance” – she was just going about her daily business!)

So that’s it for Arles until next year. I will definitely be going again. For anyone fascinated about photography, it’s not to be missed.

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